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Beco Collapsible Travel Bowl

£4.99 GBP

Created for your adventures, this flat pack bowl is ideal for travelling. When you have a trusty travel bowl with you, your sidekick can stay hydrated and never has to miss a meal. The bowl pops out with a flick and flattens with a squish. It has grippy handles so you can pick it up without touching your dog’s dinner. It also wipes clean easily on the off chance your dog missed a spot.

Made from flexible and hardwearing food grade BPA free silicone, these bowls won’t be leaking any chemical nasties into your dog’s food or water. They maintain their form at high temperatures so there is no need to worry if the sun’s beaming at lunchtime.

S - 15cm x 5cm x 12cm | Capacity - 0.4L
M - 18cm x 6.5cm x 15cm | Capacity - 0.75L
L - 22cm x 8cm x 18cm | Capacity - 1.25L