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Soopa Cranberry & Sweet Potato Healthy Bites 50g

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Soopa Healthy Bites are grain free, hypoallergenic and made from natural ingredients. These small bite sized pieces are excellent to use for training. They come in a handy pocket friendly pillow pouch so you can use them on the go. They come in five great flavours.

Cranberry is packed with anti-oxidants, fibre and Vitamin C which research shows maybe beneficial for dental health, bad breath and immune support. Cranberry is also excellent for dogs who are prone to urinary tract infections.

Flaxseed is a sensational superfood for dogs and may protect against digestive problems helping to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Simple, delicious, nutritious & best of all dogs love them!

Why you should give your dogs Cranberry & Sweet Potato Healthy Bites:

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Low Fat
  • Safe & Easy to Digest
  • Supports Oral Health

Ingredients: Whole potato flour, potato starch, veg glycerine, cranberry pieces dried, calcium carbonate, sweet potato powder, flaxseed milled.
Values per 100g

Oil/Fat 2.69%
Crude Protein 4.30%
Crude Fibre 1.30%
Ash 5.20%
Moisture 15.8%

Suitable for dogs with:
Kidney/liver disease
Low Immunity