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The idea behind Paws & Planet was never to just jump on a trend and make money from it. We genuinely care about the environment and want to offer a solution to dog owners that empowers them to make better choices when purchasing products for their furry friends.

As part of our commitment to doing as much as we possibly can to be a sustainable business, we will be planting 3 trees through Ecologi for every order we receive.

Ecologi are a social enterprise that invest money into projects that remove more greenhouse gases than your own carbon footprint puts in, including tree planting across the globe. 

Trees are crucial to the future of the planet as they are one of the best tools we have to remove carbon pollution from our atmosphere. They also provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity.

  For this reason, we're proud to partner with Ecologi to plant trees for every single order we receive and really fight back against climate change!


We plant trees with Ecologi