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Yora Dreamers Hand Baked Dog Biscuits 100g

£3.29 GBP

Give your dog a couple of these tasty, planet-friendly biscuits at bed time to keep them satisfied until morning. An inclusion of tasty insect protein, valerian root, lemon balm and chamomile, all hand baked into a delicious biscuit, really can help them relax.

Naturally hypoallergenic, these wholesome treats are made by taking whole larvae and gently drying them to create a protein rich 'flour' that is packed with vitamins, minerals, fats and essential amino acids.

More and more vets are recommending insect protein for dogs with allergies to common proteins. Yora’s insect protein is even easier to digest than chicken, much higher quality and less processed than the meat meal in most other pet foods, making them perfect for dogs with food intolerances, skin conditions, and delicate tummies.

The treats are made using sustainably sourced grubs which use 97% less land, produce 96% less greenhouse gas emissions and use 95% less water than cattle in the production process and are packed into a compostable packet, so these treats really are great for you dog and the planet!

Oats, Gram Flour, Insect Meal (20%), Vegetable Oil, Dried Spinach (2%), Valerian Root (0.5%), Lemon Balm (0.5%), Chamomile (0.5%).

Crude Protein 22%
Crude Fats & Oils 14.8%
Crude Fibre 5.1%
Crude Ash 4.1%
Moisture 8%